Oracle JET with Firebase Realtime Database (Part 1)

Oracle JET with Firebase Realtime Database (Part 1)

With Firebase Realtime Database we can store and sync data in NoSQL database.  It is a cloud database and data store as JSON. There are SDKs for iOS, Android and JavaScript. you can find information about Firebase in this link:

In this post, I want to explain how can we use firebase database as backend and Oracle JET as frontend.

1. Firstly we need to login in Firebase Cloud console.

2. After login to Firebase on the first page, there is "Add Project".
I click on Add project".
Firebase Oracle JET

3. display a popup for creating a project:
Project name: JetApplication
ProjectId: -
Country/region: Germany

Firebase Oracle JET

4. After creating the project, I am in Start page on Firebase Cloud.
There are three icons for iOS, Android, Web.
Firebase Oracle JET

5. I click on the "Add Firebase to your web app".
Display popup with some information about initializing Firebase.
Firebase Oracle JET

6. Create Oracle JET project and create a folder called services and copy all the firebase JavaScript files there. You can find the last version of this link.

Firebase Oracle JET

7. Add to my appContoller the libraries. And paste the script from Firebase Cloud like below.
  , 'services/firebase'
  , 'services/firebase-app'
  , 'services/firebase-auth'
  , 'services/firebase-database'
  , 'services/firebase-firestore'
  , 'services/firebase-messaging'
Oracle JET Firebase

Coming soon next posts.


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